As a complement to our Accu-Trax software, we now offer a mobile version custom designed for drivers. In addition to providing routing assistance, Accu-Trax Mobile provides a comprehensive database of customer information for the driver, as well as productivity tracking and reporting for the office.

Driver Efficiency and Convenience

Accu-Trax Mobile gives your drivers information and flexibility right at their fingertips. For instance, if a driver is covering a shift or providing back-up support on a route, they can pull up another driver's regular route using Accu-Trax Mobile and have all the information necessary for that route, including any notes that were logged.

Accu-Trax reduces office calls by allowing drivers to access customers by cart number, sequence number, or account number right from their truck. In addition, drivers can view the past 30 days of route transactions to avoid guesswork and save time.

Accu-Trax provides an integrated mapping program to help newer or seasonal drivers avoid getting turned around. It not only shows where the next customer is located, but also can give directions from your current location to anywhere the driver needs to go.

Management Efficiency and Documentation

Accu-Trax Mobile allows for pinpoint identification of a driver's location at specific dates and times. This invaluable feature helps your company analyze the effectiveness of routes and manage your mobile assets more efficiently by improving productivity and reducing operating costs. In addition, it can help keep drivers accountable and reduce potential overtime costs, as it keeps track of when and how long your drivers are taking breaks, as well as the time spent in each municipality for cost of service reports.

Visual Images Documentation

Accu-Trax allows drivers to capture and upload photographs during the course of their route. This not only provides visual monitoring for the driver, but also allows the capture of a video image for evidence of "No Can Out" (NCO) issues or extra pick-ups beyond the scheduled amount. These photographs include a date and time stamp, in addition to the location where the driver took the photo. It makes taking photographs a seamless part of your driver's day. This photo transfer is part of the upload process into the Accu-Trax Office software. We are compatible with both the Clarion™ and Safetyvision™ backup cameras.

Office Staff Documentation and Efficiency

Accu-Trax provides your front office staff access to all of the information gathered by each driver, including pictures and route notes. Pictures can be easily exported for use in communications to customers in case questions arise over service needs. This valuable tool helps you to resolve disputes and avoid conflicts between your office staff and customers, while also demonstrating integrity and value of your company's services.

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